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Vaginal plastic surgery- When is it needed?

In recent years an increasing number of women are seeking vaginal plastic surgery and vaginal rejuvenation, a procedure also known as vaginal lifting.

This operation has been perfected in recent years with the development of new rejuvenation techniques and the use of lasers.
It concerns women presenting a slight relaxation of the vagina after childbirth or having dysmorphic scars on the perineum from injuries during childbirth.

Vaginal plastic surgery restores aesthetic problems of a woman’s external genitalia. For some, vaginal plastic surgery is considered a “luxury” operation. However, there is no doubt that the deformity of a woman’s genitals impacts her psychology and her daily life.
Some women feel uncomfortable and can not enjoy sexual intercourse, while others cannot wear the clothes they want or even ride a bike if, for example, the lips of the vagina are hypertrophic.

Vaginal plastic surgery restores any aesthetic or anatomical abnormality of the genitals.

Vaginal plastic surgery renews sexual life

Vaginal plastic surgery is a delicate surgery that has been practiced for several years worldwide. This method usually applies to women who have given vaginal birth and have vaginal relaxation. The treatment aims to reduce the diameter of the vagina, support the pelvic organs, and ultimately increase the pleasure during sexual intercourse.

In practice, the surgeon reshapes both the vaginal mucosa (the outer wall) and the muscles and tissues that support the vagina.
The specialist will recommend the appropriate procedure depending on the type and degree of vaginal relaxation.

Vaginal plastic surgery is usually a painless procedure. The patient is discharged either immediately or within a couple of days, depending on the type of surgery performed and must abstain from sexual activity for 5-6 weeks.

Non-surgical vaginal plastic surgery

With recent technological advances, vaginal rejuvenation can be performed without surgery using energy-based devices such as lasers. This innovative treatment is already being applied successfully to menopausal women with vaginal atrophy and experimentally to patients with vaginal relaxation.

Vaginal plastic surgery – Surgery for self-esteem

Over the years, with weight loss and childbirth, the external genitalia lose their youthful appearance. This can be restored either with traditional surgical methods or with the use of lasers. The specialized surgeon aesthetically restores the outer and inner lips of the vulva, the clitoris, the entrance of the vagina and the perineum. Aesthetic surgery of the external genitalia strengthens women’s self-confidence, improves their sex life, and solves practical daily problems that affect the psychology of women.

During the first appointment

These are the most common questions women ask their doctor before vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal plastic surgery:

– Is vaginal plastic surgery a painful intervention?

No. The patient feels a mild discomfort which subsides with common analgesic drugs.

– Will there be scars on the genitals after vaginal plastic surgery?

No. With appropriate surgical techniques, there are no noticeable marks on the external genitalia.

– Do I have to wait for menopause to undergo vaginal reconstruction?

No. The intervention can be performed at any age.

– Can I get pregnant after vaginal reconstruction?

Vaginal reconstruction ideally should be performed when a woman has already given birth and completed her family. This is because childbirth can lead to the recurrence of the relaxation of the vagina.

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